Current Favourites

Happy Sunday! It’s been a very long time since I last blogged and even longer since I did a favourites post. So to ease myself back into the blogging world I’ve pulled together a Current Favourites.


First up we have a film that I have actually been loving for ages and as I haven’t blogged in a long time I have never mentioned it on here before. The film in question is How To Be Single and I bloody love it. Confession: I’ve probably watched it around 30 times, do not judge me. A little fact about me is that I can watch films over and over and over again and never get bored. Honestly, when I was little I watched Matilda every single night before bed for about 4 years. Not once did I get bored of it, I just found a new films to obsess over as I got older (I’m looking at you The Princess Diaries and Legally Blonde).

Anyway, How To Be Single is your typical girly predictable romcom so naturally it was right up my street because 97% of my film collection is romcoms (the other 3% is made up of Studio Ghibli, Disney and James Bond – a weird mix, I am aware). Basically, it is about a girl named Alice (played by Dakota Johnson) who leaves college and goes on a break from her boyfriend like third season Ross & Rachel, moves to New York and ‘finds herself’. My summary makes it sound awful but I promise you it is great and I highly recommend it.


Two words: Little Mix. I love their Girl Power attitude, the fact they don’t take no crap from nobody and their songs are absolute corkers. I listen and sing my heart out to Little Mix almost everyday on my drive to work. My personal faves are: Touch, I Won’t, No More Sad Songs and Grown.

Ps, I also wish I looked like Jade but that’s a different subject entirely.


I have absolutely been loving Nobody’s Child recently. Their clothes are not only affordable and lovely but the brand promote themselves as fashion with a conscience which I just think is wonderful. It’s so rare to find brands that are ethical and that make clothes that are current and good quality. I cannot sing their praises enough. Their sale is also out of the world, you can get a dress for £10 and tops for a couple of quid.


I am not the most adventurous when it comes to my makeup. I stick to what I know and love. But I ran out of the bronzer I have been repurchasing and using for around 4 years and fancied a change. A friend recommended the L’Oreal Paris GlamBronze to me and it’s dreamy. The product is so fine and soft that it blends perfectly and never makes me resemble to colour of a wotsit, Oompa Loompa or Donald Trump and therefore gets a big gold star from me. I use the shade 06 and it is perfect for giving me a much needed natural sun kissed glow and some definition to my cheekbones.

Makeup setting spray for me is an absolute makeup bag must have. Scrap primers, I don’t care for them. Makeup setting spray is where it is at. I have previously used the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray which is good but pricey. Then I found the Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray. It’s a game changer, believe me. It smells divine, sets my makeup all day or all night for a night out and is £5.00 a bottle. It’s a yes from me.


Nobody’s Child TopRevolution Pro Fix Setting Spray | Little Mix Glory Days | Little Mix Get Weird | L’Oreal Paris Bronzer | How To Be Single 

That’s all from me for today. I hope you all have a lovely week ahead. Tomorrow is Monday and Mondays suck but take the day and make it your own. Show Monday who’s boss and go make your dreams come true #MotivationWithMag.

Laura x



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