Six Years Ago 

I left high school six years ago. Six years ago! It feels like so long ago but also like it was just yesterday. A few days ago my friend shared a video that another friend made when we left high school. It’s basically all of us being kids and loving our last few weeks of school and looking like absolute baba’s. Safe to say I bawled my eyes out watching it. But it got me thinking about how much has changed since then.

I hadn’t realised until now that we have actually all grown up and become adults with such different lives. Lives that we would o never imagined would be ours. Never would I have predicted back then what me and my friends would be doing in six years time. Some of my friends went straight into work from high school or went to college and then into work. A lot of us went to university and graduated last year or are graduating this year. Some of my friends are in long term relationships and live with there partners. Some are engaged. One friend is in a band that is doing really well (like really well). Some have got full on careers. A lot still live with their parents (not that that’s a bad thing, I live with mine). Basically, what I am getting at is that growing up happens without you even realising and you really can’t predict where your life will go, what opportunities will come your way or who will come into your life.

This video also got me thinking about the future and what the future holds for me and my school friends. It’s got me thinking what I want my future to be like. At the moment I am very happily living at home with my parents, working at a venue finding agency and doing the odd bit of freelance outdoor event work. I have quite a structured routine in my life at the moment and I like it. I like structure and routine. I don’t like to not know what I am doing each day and I like to organise my days in advance. But this video has got me thinking ‘do I want my life to be like this in say another six years time?’ It’s got me thinking about the dreams I have had for a while. I don’t want to have regrets when I get to my 30’s/ 40’s/ 50’s. I feel like now is the time for me to do the things I dream of doing and if they turn out to be a mistake then now is the best time of that mistake to be made. But if I don’t do these things, then how would I know they were a mistake? I could spend the rest of my life regretting following that dream so what would be worse really?

I’m not sure if this blog post makes any sense (it does to me but then again I wrote it) but it’s strange how one video of the past can make you think so much about the future.

Laura x

Ps. As you can tell the photo is an absolute throwback to my high school prom which will be six years ago in 18 days time!


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