My Favourite Place…


As you all know last week I went to Copenhagen and I now think I am in love. I didn’t get to go to the Open Air Museum I had mentioned in a previous blogpost but I will go back and I will go to that museum because it’s the stuff my dreams are made of.

Where To Stay 

We stayed in an Air BnB (this one to be precise) not far from the centre of Copenhagen. The apartment was so cute and cosy. I unfortunately forgot to take any photos of our apartment because I am a numpty but follow the link above for photos taken by the owner. I would highly recommend staying in Air BnB’s as you get to relax, feel at home and you feel like you are living in the city you are visiting. Also, our host left us a fresh loaf of bread which was just bloomin’ adorable.

Where To Eat

HAFNIA BAR. HAFNIA BAR. HAFNIA BAR!!! This place was the answer to all our vegan prayers. Located not far from Nyhavn (aka the place with the coloured buildings) this cafe is a vegan dream come true. We had a sandwich full of avocado, falafel and other vegan-ny goodness. Followed by a raw vegan cheesecake type thing (great description Mag, gold star) which was heaven in cake form. I just wish we had found it sooner (rather than on our last day) because I wanted to try everything on the menu. The acai bowls looked incredible!


What To See 

Obviously we went to see the coloured buildings at Nyhavn Harbour. The painted buildings look suede in real life and it was so beautiful.



I would also recommend a trip to The Round Tower (or Rundetaarn). It’s a 17th Century tower in the centre of Copenhagen which until the last section is just a slope up and the view from the top is great.



If you like rides then you can take a trip to Tivoli which is a magical theme park located right opposite the central station. Seriously you can’t miss it. I however spent the rest of the day feeling sick because I actually really hate rides and cannot cope on them at all. Even the kids rides knocked me, like I am talking a kids pirate ride that literally goes up and down on a circle as if you are on the sea. This one killed me off. I needed a peppermint tea and lie down after that ordeal.

Laura x


One thought on “My Favourite Place…

  1. Ah wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen. I was lucky enough to visit twice with my college choir. My college was a traditional Danish, private school, since closed, but that is why we had a connection to Denmark. I remember Tivoli, the Red Light District, the food, the bicycles, and much more. I’m glad you used Airbnb as well. That is what I used on my honeymoon. Cheers!

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