Current Beauty Favourites

Hola pals and gals! Hope you’re all well and have had a lovely weekend. Today we are talking current beauty favourites. I have even whipped out my camera and attempted to take some pretty pictures (bare with me, my photography skills aren’t great but I’m working on that).

When it comes to beauty I like a mix of budget products and some more high end products. I say ‘more high end’ but that just means they are over the £20.00 mark but more than likely under the £30.00 mark because I don’t have the money to be spending more than £30.00 on one product, unless it’s perfume. Perfume is the only exception to this rule. Without further ado lets get on with the products.

  1. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula – I think most girls have used this body moisturiser at some point in their life. Probably when you were in your teens. It’s cheap, cheerful, does the job and smells like chocolate. You can’t go wrong really. I have probably been repurchasing this product since I was about 13 so for 8 years. It makes my skin feel so soft and smells so lovely. Also, I got this big 400ml bottle with a pump for around £3.99. It’s a winner.DSC_0017
  1. Origins Out of Trouble Face Mask – Next up a face mask. I ran out of my Neals Yard Palmarosa Mask and fancied trying something new but I am a big scaredy cat when it comes to trying new skincare. But my best pal aka my skincare Guinea pig (she’s basically tried all the skincare out there) told me about this mask and I thought I would give it a try because she raved about how good it was and I really like it. It’s nice and gentle and doesn’t leave my face red after I wash it off. I usually use it once or twice a week before bed and the next day my redness and spots do look much calmer. It does however smells really weird. I am not a fan of the smell at all but it does work so I put up with it.DSC_0009
  2. Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation in 1 – As mentioned above I have spots. My skin hates me. I never had the bad teenage skin stage but at around 19 my skin was like ‘ha funny joke I’m gonna go on a mad one and give you acne, enjoy’. Cheers skin, nice one you little witch. Anyway, when I wear makeup I use this powder (it is actually a powder foundation but hey ho, I need all the coverage I can get) after my foundation and concealer. It is basically good skin in a powder. It covers any redness my foundation and concealer has failed to cover and it doesn’t look cakey. I take this out in my bag for touchups during the day and never look caked it makeup (or at least I don’t think I do).DSC_0010DSC_0011
  3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm – This lip cream is basically a nicer version of MAC Velvet Teddy. It’s not drying, smells good enough to eat (it smells like a vanilla cupcake), is cruelty free and is about a third of the price of a MAC lipstick. If you like MAC Velvet Teddy but find it drying or want a more budget friendly alternative then definetly check this product out. It could be the answer to all your lipstick dreams.DSC_0014DSC_0015

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Laura x


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