The April Wishlist

SPRING IS HERE! Everything in todays Wishlist screams Spring and Summer. I am so glad Winter is over and although the UK is getting hit with some serious April showers (hail has become a regular occurrence) the sun is starting to make an appearance more often. I honestly cannot wait for summer. The sun makes me want to make smoothie bowls for breakfast, go for runs and overall just makes me more motivated. Anyway on to the Wishlist –

  1. First up we have a beautiful playsuit. This isn’t my usual style as it is a bit more grown up and as you are all well aware by now I dress like a toddler 96% of the time. But I think this is lovely and would be perfect for dressier summer nights out (aka nights out where I don’t go to scruffy clubs that I went to when I was at uni) and work events. If you read this Weekend In Outfits post then you will know I sometimes struggle to dress in a way that’s still me but also more professional when I attend work events and this could be a great addition to my work event wardrobe.
    Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 22.47.53
    Wrap Front Playsuit –Topshop – £50.00
  2. Next up a summer dress. It’s almost summer okay and I am getting excited. I can’t wait to go bare leg and attempt to get a tan. Emphasis on the ‘attempt’, I am rather pale and I just tend to burn then go back to my ghostie ways. I honestly don’t think I have tanned since I was about 8 and I every year I say ‘this will be the summer that I get a tan again’ and it is yet to happen. This dress would look so lovely on a summer day with a tan, some Birkenstocks and sunglasses for an effortless look.

    Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 22.49.41

    Glamorous Cami Sundress with Lace Trim – Asos  – £28.00

  3. Okay a bit of a random one next. It’s a teapot but its a very pretty teapot. It is from Oliver Bonas which is one of my favourite shops for homeware. Everything is beautiful and so well made. The Fika range, which this teapot is from, is the stuff my dreams are made of. The Fika range is inspired by Japanese artisan and Scandinavian style. I also think the colour scheme and copper detailing gives the range a bit of a modern seventies edge which is so me.Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 22.57.50

    Fika Teapot – Oliver Bonas – £20.00

  4. I bought Volume 1 of Sunday Girl Magazine mainly because it looked pretty and it had Gabrielle Aplin (my fave musician ever) as the cover girl. But after reading the whole magazine I fell in love with everything about Sunday Girl. There aim is to make you feel powerful and uplifted after reading it and I really do. They feature women who encompass everything they stand for and it’s inspiring to read about amazing young women who are self taught and self motivated. There slogan is ‘Intellectual Talk and Fashion for Girls Who Don’t Follow The Crowd’. This really does sum up what the magazine is about. Volume 2 is out now and I will definitely be purchasing.

    Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 23.05.05

    Sunday Girl Magazine Volume 2 – Sunday Girl – £6.00

  5. So me and my best friend are going on holiday in May. We are going to Copenhagen for a few days and then to Paris for a few days. I have been to Paris twice before. It is one of my favourite cities ever. Paris is the home to my favourite building ever, The Louvre (watch this space there will be a ‘My Favourite Place’ post to follow in a month or so). I love everything about Paris, it is such a beautiful place that makes me feel so happy and inspired. I would love to live there for a month or two, maybe I will one day. However, I don’t speak French (just a minor obstacle). All I can remember from High School French is hello, goodbye, numbers 1 – 5 and how to ask for a pen. I love exploring and finding unusual parts of a city and I think this book would help me do that.Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 23.04.57
    Parisian Chic: City Guide book – Anthropologie – £7.95
  6. I am currently running low on perfume. All I have left is a bottle of my beloved Diptyque Eau Duelle perfume. I have completely ran out of all my other perfumes. My best friend and her mum introduced me to Jo Malone fragrances and got me hooked. My favourite Jo Malone fragrance is Earl Grey and Cucumber. I have been through two of the small bottles of this now and I think it is time for me to just get the big bottle, in hopes it will last me a bit longer. It smells so fresh and clean and it’s a bit unusual. I have never smelt another scent like it. It is perfect.
    Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 23.10.47

    Jo Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber – Jo Malone  – £42.00 for 30ml / £85.00 for 100ml

Laura x


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