So That’s Been March 

2016 YOU ARE GOING SO FAST IT’S WEIRDING ME OUT!!!! You know the drill by now so lets jump straight into March.

What I’ve Been Up To 


(Top left to bottom right)

 At the beginning of the month I went to London for a work trip which consisted of looking at beautiful venues, drinking lots of wine, making new pals and pretending to be a detective. It was great (I did a Weekend In Outfits post on it). One weekend I drove me and my parents to Buxton for an afternoon out which was lovely. Although, I didn’t enjoy driving on fast winding country road home though. Legit thought I was gonna die. My lovely friend Harriet came back to Manchester for a day and we went shopping, for food and for drinks. Then along came bank holiday weekend (cue another Weekend In Outfits post). I went to see Chicago with a bunch of friends and wore my new Bardot style top and felt oh so french and fabulous. The night after it was a friends 21st so we went into Manchester for a night of cocktails to celebrate. And finally, on Easter Sunday myself and the best pal took a slightly hungover trip to the Chestnut Centre to see otters.

What Products I’ve Been Loving 

At the end of February I was suffering with really dry lips. They were peeling and looking bloody ‘angin (getting my Manc on there). I ordered the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Balm. I have heard good things about the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour range and hoped it would sort me out and it did. This little pot of happiness is a miracle worker. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you are like me and get dry lips aaaaaallll the time.

What I’ve Been Listening To 

I have been loving a bit of a random mix this month. I mean we have musicals, Ariana Grande and PJ Harvey all in one post.

Late to the party as always but this month I have jumped on the the The Weeknd hype that everyone was on last year. I really like The Hills. As mentioned in my last blog post I went to see Chicago this month so have been listening to the soundtrack a lot. My favourite song in the show is When You’re Good To Mama. Also, I LOVE Ariana Grandes new song Dangerous Woman (I have no shame in admitting that I love Ariana Grande, her voice is actually incredible – listen to this a cappella version).

I’ve also been enjoying listening to Beirut and Austin Basham whilst having a coffee on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I love Beirut – A Sunday Smile and Austin Basham – All Is Well. Both are such beautiful and soothing songs that give my heart the warm fuzzies. There’s nothing more relaxing than popping these tracks on and getting snuggled up in a blanket with a big cup of coffee. Perfection.

Towards the end of this month I have been listening to BBC Radio 6 in the office at work and they have been playing PJ Harvey – The Community Of Hope. I love this song it’s short and sweet but upbeat and summery all in one. It’s been getting me in the summer mood and making me wish it was warm enough to sit in the garden with a beer on a Saturday afternoon.

What I’ve Been Watching 

This month I finally finished That 70’s Show and now I feel like my life has a That 70’s Show shaped whole. If you have any series recommendations then please let me know in the comments because I have no clue what to watch next.

Film wise I have watched How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days about 7 times this month. I hadn’t watched it in ages but then I was driving to work the one day and on came You Are So Vain (which, if you have seen the film then you’ll know, Andie and Ben sing to one another) and I  knew I had to watch it that night. If you love predictable romcoms then you will love this film. I think its fab but I am the romcom queen, they are my absolute fave (maybe I will do a ‘Guide to Romcoms’ post in the future for all you romcom lovers, I know you are out there). I can’t tell you any cool cult classic films to watch but I can recommend the best romcoms. I mean last year was the first time I watched Pulp Fiction and (unpopular opinion, please don’t hate me) I wasn’t the biggest fan. Like there’s no denying it’s a good film but it’s not my type of thing, it was too long for my liking and a bit to unnecessarily violent for me. I’ll stick to my soppy predictable romcoms.

So that’s been March.

Laura x




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