My Favourite Place…

Lyme Park
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Today we have another post in the ‘My Favourite Place’ series. I have another obsession that I haven’t told you about yet (my last obsession confession was James Bond films). I love (and I mean love) National Trust properties. Ever since I was a little kid my parents have taken me and my brother to National Trust properties all over the UK. In the past we have even based where to go on holiday on a National Trust property we wanted to visit. It is one of my goals to go to every National Trust property and park in the UK (I am so lame, I know).

The one I have visited the most often is Lyme Park. I even had a birthday picnic there when I was 17 (ew that will be 5 years ago this July, I FEEL SO OLD). I regularly go to Lyme Park just for a walk around the gardens or just the park on a Sunday afternoon as it is not too far away, usually to shake off a hangover.

Lyme Park is a beautiful park with a stately home that once belonged to the Legh family. The house is a Grade I listed building which was built in the 1600’s. Inside is absolutely stunning, I personally love going inside stately homes and pretending I am princess way back when (I am basically a 2 year old at heart).


There was a 12 foot Colin Firth as Mr Darcy statue in the lake for a while which, thank god, has gone because I personally couldn’t stand it. But here is a picture of it none the less because it was rather amusing and slightly terrifying at the same time.


To go in the house and gardens you either have to be a National Trust member which, obviously, I am or you can pay.

The gardens of the house are beautiful, especially in the summer time when all the flowers have bloomed.

I don’t know why but I love this little bridge in the gardens.


To go into the general park area it is free. You can walk up to the Cage which is a lovely spot for a picnic and you can walk to the Lantern for some lovely views. Funny story about the lantern, when I was about 8 I fell in a big pile of poop right near it and then cried for the rest of the day.

IMG_6017The Cage

Hope you enjoyed this little blog post about Lyme Park. If you are ever in Cheshire or Manchester then a recommend taking a little visit for a Sunday stroll.

Laura x


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