Get The Look: Kendall Jenner 

I have a confession to make. I have recently become obsessed Kendall Jenner. I mean in my defence it’s hard not be obsessed with her after you watch the Vogue YouTube video that went up recently. She seems really down to earth and a bit goofy, which I love. Not to mention she is stunning and can pull off EVERYTHING! Literally everything and anything.

Kendall Jenner 3

For the top/dress I have found this one from Missguided. The graphics are very different but it totally gives off the same vibe and is only £12.00. Bargain. I’d probably recommend buying the bigger size so that it  covers your lady garden and bum (sorry, I promise never to say lady garden again) and if it doesn’t then a plain black bodycon skirt will cover you up. You can put cheap ones from Primark and H&M for around £4/£5.

For the boots, any simple black chunky heeled boots will work. You can find boots like this anywhere or may already own some as they are such a staple item in so many peoples wardrobes. If you have read my previous posts you will know I own and love these boots from Topshop which are £79.00 and I think they would work so well for this look because they have a red detail like Kendalls. But if these a bit over your budget (they were over my budget too but I have no self control and somehow they magically ended up at my door) then any black boots with a heel will work, they don’t need to have the red detail. That’s just a bonus.

A similar bag is so easy to find. You can find black bags with a gold chain anywhere; they are such a classic and popular evening bag choice. I have picked a bag from New Look which is currently in the sale for £9.50. It also looks as though Kendall is wearing a thick black choker or neckerchief/ skinny scarf. This could be part of the top but I am not sure. To create a similar look I think a simple skinny black scarf would work well and add a little something to the look. The scarf is from Asos and is £6.00 or to get even more of bargain you could have a look on eBay as I have seen plenty on there for a couple of pound.

The total look comes to £106.50. But if you wanted to make it more budget friendly then I would opt for some plain black chunky boot as you can pick a pair of these up for around £10.00 if you look in the right places.

Kendall Jenner 4

I love this look. So simple, elegant and classic. I feel like it is very Audrey Hepburn inspired. As they are such simple pieces costs can be cut all over the show and the items can be found anywhere.

Starting with the top as this is where the main detail is because of the sleeves. I picked this top from Vero Moda on Asos for £15.00. It has a bit more detail than Kendall’s on the arms and chest. There is this one on Asos which is perfect for the look but unfortunately sold out. I don’t know how long it’s been sold out or if it’s coming back in stock so if you really like it then keep checking back on Asos and keep your fingers crossed.

Plain black skinny leg trousers may be something you already have in your wardrobe but if you don’t then these from Boohoo are only £12.00. Next up shoesies. I love the shoes Kendall is wearing and they are definitely something I would wear. These from Daisy Street on Asos have a similar pointed toe shape and come up a little higher on your foot too like Kendalls and they are £19.99.

On to accessories, Kendall has kept accessories to a minimum for a classy minimal look. She is wearing a black box shaped bag with a chain strap with a coloured pom pom attached. I have opted for this bag from New Look which is £11.50 and has a boxy shape and chain strap. For the coloured pom pom I found this one on Asos in the sale for £6.00. The bright blue pom pom will also add a bit of fun to the chic all black look.

The last item is the sunglasses. Any sunglasses with black lenses would give the same look but I have found this pair that have black lenses and the brow bar. These are by Spitfire and you can get them on Asos for £27.00.

The total look comes in at £91.49, making it the cheapest out of the three recreations.

Kendall Jenner 2

This outfit is a prime example of Kendall Jenner being able to pull off anything and everything. I would look ridiculous if I wore this but I still love the outfit. Again it is another effortlessly cool look that is simple bit different at the same time. For my recreation of this outfit I have picked this pale pink silk shirt from H&M that is £49.99. A bit pricey for H&M but it is part off there premium quality range.

The skirt is a plain simple nude pink skirt from Missguided and is only £6.00. The thing I love the most about the look is the boots. I have found this pair from Public Desire which are £34.99 and would look so good with plain black jeans and jumper for a chic and effortless look. The bag I have picked is a plain grey bag from Debenhams. Have you noticed a running theme in my get the looks yet? That the bags are quite often from Debenhams? That’s because they have every colour bag under the sun there so you are always going to find something similar. The bag I have chose for this look is currently in the sale for £49.99. Kendall is wearing the same sunglasses in this outfit as in the second so I have also used the same ones I picked from outfit number two.

The total look comes in at £167.97.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Get The Looks are my favourite posts to create so if you enjoy them then let me know in the comments if there’s anyones looks you’d like me to try and recreate and I will do my best for you. I have a lot more planned so watch this space.

Laura x



7 thoughts on “Get The Look: Kendall Jenner 

  1. First of all, Kendal is the most beautiful creature to ever walk this planet…after puppy dogs.
    Secondly, LOVE the post! I loved reading it and I will definitely keep a look out for some Kendall-inspired clothes:)

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