So Much For That Shopping Ban

As you know last week I bought pink doc martens and failed at my shopping ban. Since the first fail the shopping kinda spiralled and I bought a couple of other pretty things. Please someone confiscate my debit card. It’s much like when you try and be healthy and tell yourself you aren’t going to eat biscuits and then a packet of ginger biscuits later you tell yourself ‘okay tomorrow will be the day’ and then the same thing happens again and again for eternity.

Anyway last weekend as you are aware I was in London and on the Sunday I had some spare time before my train back up North so I took a whistle stop tour to Oxford Circus to visit Liberty of London and Brandy Melville. I am justifying these purchases by the fact that Liberty’s is only in London and there is no Brandy Melville in Manchester so I thought hey ho when in London (please someone reassure me that this justifies my purchases?).

My absolute favourite perfume of all time is Diptyque Eau Duelle. It’s a slightly spicy vanilla scent and it is beautiful. It lasts so long on your skin and smells divine. However, I can never find it in any Diptyque stockists up North and I don’t like buying perfume online because it doesn’t feel as special. So whenever I go to London I buy a big 100ml bottle so that I never have to be without my signature scent.

Diptyque Eau Duelle (100 ml) – Diptyque – Also stocked at Liberty of London, Space NK and Selfridges but good luck finding it if you live in the North, I’ve tried every Space NK and Selfridges.

Next up I nipped around the corner to Brandy Melville. I love the tops from there as they are so so soft and wash really well (I sound so middle aged but a lot of highstreet clothing shrinks in the wash or loses its softness and that really annoys me). Obviously the top I purchased has a slight 70s colour scheme going on, obviously it is stripe item and obviously it is high neck. It’s a dream and everything I could ever want in a top. It was £18.00 and I know I will get a lot of wear out of it.


Unfortunately I can’t find this top online, they do have it in stock in the Brandy Melville off Carnaby Street in London and I am assuming they will have it in stock in stores across the US.

So there you have another guilty shopping post because I have no self control and now can’t afford to put petrol in my car. Well done Mag, nice work.

Laura x



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