A Weekend In Outfits #2

This weekend I have been in London on a fam trip for work. I’ve mentioned before that I work at a venue and event agency but have never really explained what I do. In short, I find venues for clients to host there events and do all the researching, enquiring and contracting. So this Friday I headed down to London and escaped the first day of snow in Manchester (our first day of snow was the 4th March, how ridiculous? Glad I escaped it, me and snow aren’t a good mix. Always end up on my bum) and went to a murder mystery themed familiarisation trip. I feel so fancy when I go to these types of events because I get to stay in cool hotels (this time is was the ultra modern and tech savvy M by Montcalm Hotel). But because I attend these trips for work and I am representing the company I work for I feel like I can’t really turn up in pink doc martens and a pinafore so like to opt for something a bit more grown up but still me (only one you, gotta stay true to ya’self ain’t ya?).

On the Friday night I wore this seventies style shirt that I got from Topshop with my high waist black skirt from Urban Outfitters and then to give me some much needed height my beloved Topshop boots. Still very me but always a lot more grown up than my usual outfit choices.


Shirt – Mine is from Topshop and I can’t find it online (I did get it a while ago).This shirt from Glamorous has a similar 70s vibe / Skirt – Urban Outfitters / Boots – Topshop

In the day time on the Saturday we were put into teams and went to visit various venues in the City of London (if you didn’t already know the City of London is actually tiny and is one square mile of what most people think of as London) and solve a murder mystery. It was so much fun and the venues were beautiful. I don’t have a photo of my outfit from the day time because it was just jeans and jumper so instead I have a photo of the very corridor that Bridget Jones ran down in the Edge of Reason and declared her love to Mark Darcy. The fact I got to walk down this corridor completely made my entire weekend.

Middle Temple, Middle Temple Lane, London, EC4Y 9AT

On the Saturday night we went to a beautiful venue for a gala dinner so I wore a dark green velvet playsuit from Topshop which has a lace v shape back. I love this playsuit, I have worn it for so many nights out and Christmas Parties. It’s an absolute go to in my wardrobe but is a bit more glam and grown up then my usual mustard skirt and floaty seventies tops.


Playsuit – Mine is from Topshop and I got it 2 or 3 Christmases ago so here is similar one from Misguided but this one has long sleeves.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!

Laura x

Ps. Apologies for the shoddy photos. Bad lighting + iPhone + rubbish photography skills = crap photos.


6 thoughts on “A Weekend In Outfits #2

  1. Hi gorgeous, Shreya here! Love the outfits, especially the playsuit and the the patterned shirt:) I know I say this a lot but seriously, I love your style because it is so much like what I wear! Also, the ring in the last pic is so cool! I would love to see a closeup of it:) Love always<3

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