So That’s Been February

Another month has come to an end and with that it means another monthly round up. It’s actually freaking me out that today is the 1st of March. Time slow down please, you are going too fast!!

What I’ve Been Up To

This months been a fairly busy one. A jam packed 29 days. Here’s a snapshot of a few of things I have been up to this past month.

(From top left to bottom right)
At the beginning of the month me and group of friends went to a pub quiz at our local pub. We named ourself ‘Let’s Get Quiz-cal’ (if you don’t get it then I feel really old but watch this and you’ll get it). My little girl group the Spice Girls went on a girls night out to celebrate Beths 22nd birthday and the day after me and Beth went to the Whitworth Gallery. I went to see Tame Impala at Manchester Arena with one of me pals (who actually took this photo and sent it me because I had none, thanks mate) and they were incredible. Honestly, they are one of the best live bands and yaaaas my boys won a Brit award this year. Sneakily put a selfie in the mix as I wanted to document the fact I actually wore makeup to work (I never wear makeup to work because I chose an extra hours sleep over looking presentable). Me and the best pal had an afternoon of being very classy ladies at Jo Malone. We had a hand and arm massage and free champagne. Myself and a group of fabulous friends went to Howling Rhythm at The Ruby Lounge and it was such a good night. Loved having a good old boogie to Motown and pretending I was in the 60s. My head was sore the next day, betrayed by my one true love: Southern Comfort. Finally, we have a photo of me and Beth playing shop at The Peoples History Museum (are we 21/22 or 8?).

What Blogs I’ve Been Loving 

This month I have been absolutely loving the beautiful blog and Instagram feed, New Darlings. New Darlings is the blog baby of husband and wife, Robert and Christina, who live in Phoenix, Arizona. They just look and seem so unbelievably cool and both there blog and Instagram feed are amazing.

My best friend put up two blog posts this month that I think every one needs to read (all her posts are brilliant though). This one and this one. I am not going to tell you what they are about, element of surprise and all that.

What I’ve Been Wearing 


This month I have been on two nights out and both times I have opted for this floaty blackness top of dreams. I’m so glad I purchased it. When It first arrived I considered sending it back as I thought I’d be too self conscious to wear it but I can tell it’s going to be a staple in my wardrobe.

What I’ve Been Listening to

I have been loving Catfish and The Bottlemen’s new song Soundcheck. I am going to see them in July and I cannot wait even more now. As I mentioned I went to see Tame Impala this month and have been listening to them all the time since. Let It Happen is a cracker. Jagwar Ma supported them and I hadn’t actually heard of them before the night and now I am a little obsessed  with Man I Need. I have also been enjoying lighting an incense stick o a Sunday (usually slightly hungover) morning and relaxing listening to Let Her Go by Mac Demarco.

So that’s been February.

Laura x





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