What’s up, Doc?

I have a confession to make, I did something naughty. Last week I said I was on a spending ban and I feel like I should be honest (honesty is the best policy and all that) and let you know that I have failed. I fell head of heels in love with a pair of bubblegum pink Dr Martens and I just had to have them because they are so adorable. They won’t be to everyones taste but I personally love them and don’t care that they look like something a child would wear. I am child at heart, give me pink shoes and a pinafore over grown up attire any day. I can’t wait to wear them with pretty dresses, bare legs and frilly white socks in the summer months.


At first I thought can I really wear pink shoes? Will they actually go with anything? Then my brain started thinking of all the outfits I could wear them with and I realised they would in fact go with a lot of my clothes and would look so cute. I have also justified purchasing them by telling myself that Dr Martens are an investment as they are really good quality and if you take care of them they will last you forever. Next I told myself if I didn’t by them and then they went out of stock as they are part of Spring Summer 2016 collection then I would forever kick myself for not buying them when I saw them. This has happened to me too many times before and I didn’t want to not have these shoes in my life.



When it comes to Dr Martens shoes I would recommend sizing down. I am usually a size 5 but they were huge so I went for a 4 and the shop assistant recommended heel grips because by feet felt a little loose. I have only worn them once (I did only get them yesterday) and it was for a few hours but they are comfy and didn’t hurt my feet unlike my Dr Martens boots which destroyed my feet the first time I wore them (FYI my boots are a size 5 so I think it could just be the shoes that come up big). The boots definitely need breaking in. You’re going to need lots of plasters and thick socks to pad your feet whilst wearing them around the house a lot. Every time you feel like you are going to cry from the pain just remember it will be worth it in the end. You can do it.

Laura x


2 thoughts on “What’s up, Doc?

  1. Absolutely. In. Love. I saw these and straight away I thought…this is so vintage and chic and perfect and SO you! I’ve never had a pair of docs but these shoes might just have given me a very good reason to buy a pair:) I love boots (they’re my fav kind of shoe) but I often just go for black.

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