My Favourite Place…

The Whitworth Art Gallery
The Whitworth,
The University of Manchester,
Oxford Road,
M15 6ER
As mentioned in my last blog post on Saturday I went to The Whitworth Art Gallery. I have been a few times and I absolutely love it. It was reopened on Valentines Day 2015 after a huge (I believe) £15 million refurbishment. Now I am no art expert, I studied it at GCSE and A Level and considered studying it at University but then I decided I would be useless at it so the following could be a disaster but we’ll roll with it and see what happens.

My favourite piece is no longer up in the Whitworth but luckily I have a picture that I took a while back. The reason I love it is because you could walk around it and the art was reflected into the water. So pretty.


This piece is Unmanned Nature by Cai Guo-Qiang who was born in China but now lives in New York. He creates art work using gunpowder and fuses to create little explosions that make the effect above. The piece reminds me of the self titled Bon Iver album (brilliant album by the way if anyones interested).

Below are some more photos of art work that was on display at the gallery in 2015.

This piece (above) is Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View by Cornelia Parker. I love this one, the piece is made up of the contents of an exploded garden shed. This is the sort of art that is right up my alley as when I was considering studying art at University I was interested in doing Interactive Arts and I am pretty sure I studied some of Cornelia Parkers work at A Level.


Every time I have been the piece below has been on display so I assume this is a piece that is going to be here forever or a long time at least. It’s a glass shed that has feminist stories and thoughts on it with a light inside.


When I went on Saturday a few of the rooms were closed as new installations are being put in. A few pieces I haven’t seen before have been installed since my last visit.


The Whitworth is a great day out and there is a lovely coffee shop just across the park called Anchor if the cafe in in gallery is a bit too busty. I definitely recommend you visit if you are in Manchester, both the building and the work are incredible.

Laura x





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