Dress – Asos / Coat – Boohoo / Boots – Clarks

Last Saturday my best pal and I went to Chester for a day of photo taking, vegan pizza eating, alcohol drinking and clothes shopping. I decided that for this day out my favourite Sixties inspired dress and pink coat were the ‘one’.

This dress is a very strange material. It kinda feels like swim wear material but thicker. It’s very odd but the pattern is so pretty. I love the faux suede mustard trim around the waist and lace area. It is from Asos and is still available and is now in the sale. I teamed this dress with my pink boohoo coat. This coat literally makes me feel like a Shelly doll (you know the like toddler Barbie doll from when you are a kid? Are they still a thing? But anyway I know I had loads of them when I was a kid and that is what I think I look like in this coat).

It was a icy cold but bright day so think black tights and chelsea boots were a given but this dress could be worn in the summer too or dressed up with heels.

Hope you liked my first proper ‘fashion outfit of the day’ type post. Sorry for the awkward posing. I’m not great at the whole having my photo taken by someone else thing, I’m more comfortable with a selfie because 1. I take it and 2. if it’s bloody awful only I have seen it. Also, it was absolutely freezing. Hopefully my posing skillz will improve over time.

Laura x

Photography by Beth


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