Pretty Dresses

I have a huge place in my heart for dresses. They are so comfy but pretty and girly. Not to mention so easy to style. If you are feeling lazy and like you can’t be bothered to make a decision then a dress will always make you look like you’ve made an effort when really it required no thought at all. I have a rather large collection of dresses which I am sure over time will be featured on my blog but I thought it would be nice to just show you a few of my favourites.


This photo is from when I went to Venice (the whole one day we spent there because we were far too poor to go to Venice really). The dress is from Asos and I have honestly worn it so much. It can be dressed up or down and worn in summer with bare legs or in winter with thick tights and boots. It’s such a versatile dress and the colours are so vibrant.


This next dress is special to me as it is the dress I got for my graduation day and although it has only been once the fact it was my graduation dress makes it worthy of being on my favourites list. I contemplated getting something more plain as I was worried I would look like a toddler but then decided that’s not me and that in years to come I would regret not buying and wearing the pretty sparkly one that is so more my style. Gotta be true to yo’self *insert fist bump emoji here* can I get an amen? AMEN (Sorry, I’ll never do that again pinky promise).


I am so in love with this dress from Asos. It may take two people and good fifteen minutes to zip it up because the zip is dodgy but it is worth it because its a dress I feel really confident in. It’s such a lovely flattering shape and the colours are stunning. The little pops of bright orange and green make it really unique. I always get asked where this dress is from and it is just from Asos so I feel like it may have been a good find that not many people discovered.

Laura x





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