Style Influences

Ding ding ding, first up we have Alexa Chung. I know, I know, how cliche to have Alexa Chung on my list of style icons. But that’s it she is a style icon and you’d be crazy if you said she wasn’t. But yes, Alexa Chung. I love her, her hair, her fashion and well everything. She makes everything look effortlessly cool (probably because she is cool). Everyone knows that if Alexa rocked up to a fashion show  in a binbag and a cone on her noggin (not that she would because that girl knows her stuff) that in a few days time people would be rocking that look. That’s just the Alexa effect.

Marianne Faithful. Oh Marianne, not only does she have the prettiest name in all the land she is also a fashion princess. Her attires in the ’60s are something I wish I could emulate everyday. I mean look at her she’s such a dream *insert heart eyes emoji here*.

Jane Birkin, to cut a long story short. Just look at her. LOOK AT HER.

Stevie Nicks aka the queen of cool hippy chic. No one can rock floaty tops as well as this lady.

Françoise Hardy, okay let me break this down for you. 1. Her hair. 2. Her cheekbones. 3. Her face in general. 

Then we have Gabrielle Aplin. She is one of my favourite musicians ever and I also want everything she wears. Especially, the gold dress (below) she wore the last time I saw her live at The Deaf Institute in Manchester.

I also take a lot of style inspiration from my friends, TV shows, films and people I see when I am out and about. So with that lets move onto fictional fashion influencers. 

Rachel Green from Friends. I can’t help but long to look as cute as her in a pair of dungarees and to have hair as bouncy as hers.

Jackie in That 70s Show, if you couldn’t tell from my last blogpost I love That ’70s Show and ’70s fashion.

Film wise, I love eveeeerything Lily Collins wears as Rosie in Love, Rosie

Finally we have Felicity Jones as Jane in The Theory of Everything. Oh my goodness, so many pretty dresses in one film. Not to mention that fact the film is incredible too.

This blog post started out as style influencers, but now I think it may be style influences/ list of girl crushes (we’re talking level 2 girl crush on the Jenna Marbles tiers of girl crushes. If you have no idea what I am talking about then watch this).

Laura x



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